Footprint Live Wallpaper

Footprint Live Wallpaper

Footprint Live Wallpaper

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Footprint Live Wallpaper!

The footprint appears along your touch.!

You can customize footprint features : types, color, dimension, fade-out duration
You can select background from your gallery picture.
It corresponds to a horizontal screen.

※Setting method: home screen>menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper

※According to memory conditions,it may not be able to set normally. In that case, please restart your portable terminal and set it again.

※If you exit live wallpaper,it may not be able to exit normally by using task end application program such as task killer. Please exit it after setting other live wallpapers.

※When not normally working by updating it, it improves it when doing by reinstalling it after uninstalling it.

- changed Icon
- added Background function